Apricots Cherries Peaches

For the production of our products we elaborate the best possible raw materials. We collect fruits from farmers of the prefectures of Pella, Imathia and Corinthia, the most prestigious cherry, peach and apricot production areas throughout Greece.

Therefore, fresh fruit of the highest quality arrive at our modern facility directly from harvesting.

Then, qualified personnel and technicians use the individual quick freezing method (IQF), to produce high quality frozen fruits under the strictest hygienic conditions.We mainly process three kinds of fruit:

i) Cherries,
ii) Peaches,
iii) Apricots.

From the processing of these we produce and market four main end products:

i) Frozen (IQF) pitted or non-pitted cherries,

ii) Frozen (IQF) diced peach,
iii) Frozen (IQF) peach slices,

iv)Frozen (IQF) diced apricot, and
v) Frozen (IQF) apricot halves.

In addition, our company trades, sells and processes various kinds of fruits and vegetables, on demand and availability (berries, strawberries, etc.).